Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Los "Leather" Leggings Cintura Alta


Buenos días!
Quiero mostrarles diferentes looks que he armado con los high-waisted (cintura alta) "leather" leggings Rockture.
Es una pieza que te sirve muchísimo ya que la puedes combinar de mil maneras diferentes...el material no es el mismo de los leggings metálicos o latex (tipo gatúbela), los que al tocarlo se sienten plastificado.
Estos leggings los puedes usar de día porque no son brillantes y lo más importante es que no te sacan rollitos ya que no son a la cadera si no a la cintura. Si sales de noche lo puedes llevar con un top o crop (tipo disco pants) o usarlo como usas normalmente tus leggings. Hope you like them.

Good morning!
I wanted to show you different outfits I´ve styled using the high-waisted "leather" leggings.
These Rockture leggings are very easy to combine...the material it´s made from is different from the metalic or latex leggings, the ones that feel like plastic.
These leggings can be worn during the day since they are not shiny and the most important thing is that they are high waisted so they won´t create any muffin tops or back rolls. You can wear them on a night out with a crop top, since they are also meant to be worn as regular pants (think disco pants)
Hope you like them.

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